Casino Sochi
Casino Sochi
AddressEstosadok village, Estonskaya str., 51
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Casino Sochi
Casino Sochi

VIP Rooms at "Casino Sochi"

Nine exclusive rooms with luxurious interiors: royal conditions for those accustomed to winning big!

With incredible prize pools and magnificent amenities, "Casino Sochi" offers VIP rooms for guests who only expect the best.

These nine themed rooms have a unique concept reflected in their names: "Imperial," "Snow Queen," "Malevich," "Malachite," "Chagall," "Onyx," "Dragon," "Red," and "Gold." Custom-made lavish interiors feature stunning paintings, expensive furniture, an abundance of gold, crystal, marble, and rare wood species – creating an atmosphere that attracts prosperity and fortune.

Each VIP room is equipped with a cozy lounge area and an impressive bar offering premium drinks. The wine list includes 600 options from renowned global producers, providing exquisite tastes for memorable experiences. Another special offering is the exclusive selection of cigars tailored specifically for distinguished guests of "Casino Sochi."

Advantages of playing in VIP rooms

  • Confidentiality: Separate entrance and parking for enhanced security and privacy during the game.
  • Luxurious Interiors: Style created by special order for the special guests of "Casino Sochi."
  • Dedicated Cashier: Convenience and comfort for relaxation.
  • Personalized Service: A personalized approach ensuring a fantastic experience.
  • Variety of Games: The rooms feature roulette, card tables, and slot machines. Additional tables can be arranged upon request.
  • High Betting Limits: Maximum bet of 500 USD/EUR on roulette. Unlimited payouts up to 80,000 USD/EUR or up to 200,000 USD/EUR based on management's decision at the card table.
  • Grand Prize Pools: Jackpots of 5,000,000 rubles and 10,000,000 rubles.

Access to VIP rooms is at the discretion of the Chief Manager. The minimum deposit for playing in VIP rooms starts from 1,000,000 rubles.

Choose the best conditions and grand opportunities for your leisure at "Casino Sochi"!

Interiors of VIP-halls


Hall "Imperial" - interior in noble burgundy shades. There are 2 roulettes and 4 tables for card games available for the game.

The Snow Queen

"The Snow Queen" - the interior in the hall is made according to the well-known fairy tale: intriguing details and a style filled with cold shades of red and blue.


Hall "Malevich" - paintings by the world famous artist, creatively adapted for "Casino Sochi". 1 roulette, 1 table for card games, 6 slots are available for playing.


"Malachite" - the design of the hall uses elements in the color of the mysterious malachite stone. 2 roulette tables and 2 tables for card games are available for the game.


The Chagall Hall is an interior inspired by famous paintings. There are 2 roulettes and 1 card table available for the game.


Onyx is a hall whose interior is dominated by shades of orange, red and gold.

The Dragon

Dragon Hall - amazing interior design of the hall is made in Japanese style.

Red hall

"Red Hall" - the interiors are dominated by red, symbolizing wisdom and prosperity.

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Estosadok, Krasnaya Polyana Gambling Zone

Estosadok village, Estonskaya str., 51

We are 45 km from Sochi International Airport, a drive of 30–40 minutes. Take the E97 motorway towards Krasnaya Polyana and the Krasnaya Polyana resort. Follow the route for 42 km to the resort of Krasnaya Polyana. You may leave your car on the open unguarded parking lot. Parking fees for guests are charged at the rates of the Krasnaya Polyana resort.