Casino Sochi
Casino Sochi
AddressEstosadok village, Estonskaya str., 51
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Calls from Russia8 800 444 0777
Casino Sochi
Casino Sochi

The event venues at "Casino Sochi"

The gaming area venues at "Krasnaya Polyana" are the perfect place for your celebration! With casinos, restaurants and bars, VIP rooms with separate entrances, a concert hall, theater, and conference rooms.

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Convenient location

Only 30 minutes from Sochi airport

Professional team

Experts in their field

Customized menu

Restaurants with signature cuisine, catering services

High level of security

At the highest level, ensuring anonymity

Technical equipment

State-of-the-art facilities

Velvet hall

Cutting-edge equipment and facilities

One of the most technologically equipped banquet venues in Sochi

  • Projector
  • Screen
  • Lighting and sound equipment

The presence of professional equipment in the hall allows for conferences and banquet events.

  • Ceiling height: 3.45 - 4.2 m
  • Stage ceiling height: 3.64 m
  • Stage size: 7.3 x 20 m
  • Floor area: 660 m2

Conference hall - capacity of 300 Banquet hall - capacity of 150

Technical Equipment

The Velvet Theater is equipped with all the necessary equipment for various events.

Acoustic System

  • 08x Line Array - TW AUDIO VERA 36-120°
  • 04x Center Channel Line Array - TW AUDIO VERA 10-80°
  • 12x Subwoofers - TW AUDIO VERA S18
  • 4x - PCS 115ma

Mixing Console

  • FOH Yamaha TF1
  • Digital Converter
  • Stage Rio3224


  • 4x Shure SLX Sm58


  • 04 - ROBE Robin Viva
  • 14 - SIXPAR 200
  • 08 - ELED FRESNEL 150
  • 02 - Moonlight 1200


  • 14 - ROBE ROBIN 600
  • 11 - ROBE Robin Viva
  • 18 - SIXPAR 200
  • 04 - PROTRON 3K


  • Projection screen FRONT
  • (Front Projection)
  • Size: 4 x 3.20 m2
  • Resolution: 1920x1080, 7000lm

Get directions

Estosadok, Krasnaya Polyana Gambling Zone

Estosadok village, Estonskaya str., 51

We are 45 km from Sochi International Airport, a drive of 30–40 minutes. Take the E97 motorway towards Krasnaya Polyana and the Krasnaya Polyana resort. Follow the route for 42 km to the resort of Krasnaya Polyana. You may leave your car on the open unguarded parking lot. Parking fees for guests are charged at the rates of the Krasnaya Polyana resort.