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Casino Tours

Are you a real gamer or just want to have fun? Tired of ordinary holidays? Then choose a tour, meet a number of gaming requirements and we will cover part or all of your flight, accommodation and food expenses.

If you are planning a holiday in Sochi or already a regular in Sochi Casino, we know how to make it really exciting and cost-effective. Choose a casino recreation programme on your own terms, play, win — and we will refund your flight, transfer, accommodation and meal expenses, and will provide exceptional service.

One-day tours will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into an atmosphere of luxury and play. Enjoy maximum impressions and emotions without superfluous costs and loss of precious time!

To Sochi and back in one day
Tour 1: Visitor Tour 2: Silver Tour 3:
Tour 4:
Tour 5:
Deposit 1000 c.s.u. 2000 c.s.u. 3 000 c.s.u. 5 000 c.s.u. 10 000 c.s.u.
Airfare - Economy Economy Economy (2 ticket)  Business
Transfer Comfort Comfort Business Business VIP
Accomodation 3* Hotel Bonus 3* Hotel Bonus 4* Marriott Courtyard 5* Marriott 5* Marriott
Board Set menu № 1 Set menu № 2 Set menu № 2 Set menu № 3 for two All
Gaming time At least 3 hours At least 3 hours At least 3 hours At least 5 hours At least 5 hours
Min bet at roulette 50 c.s.u. 100 c.s.u. 200 c.s.u. 250 c.s.u. 500 c.s.u.
Min bet at a card table 50 c.s.u. 100 c.s.u. 200 c.s.u. 250 c.s.u. 500 c.s.u.
Min bet on a slot machine 1 c.s.u. 2 c.s.u. 4 c.s.u. 6 c.s.u. 12 c.s.u.

Gaming tour is calculated for 1 day but extending available.

Check the rate in the establishments of the gaming zone Krasnaya Polyana or by phone, listed below.

«Guest» and «Silver» gaming tours are available only in Boomerang and Bonus Slots casinos.

How to order a tour
  1. Choose a tour: if you have any questions, please call our manager on 8-800-444-0-777 or e-mail info@casinosochi.ru.
  2. Book a hotel that matches your tour and send us your ticket details.
  3. We will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.
  4. After checking in, come to gaming zone venues, make a deposit and play according to the rules.
  5. The conditions of the game round must be fulfilled within one game day. If the conditions are fulfilled successfully, the participant of the game round can extend it and raise the status.

Junket tours

Are you an agent looking for new travel ideas? Visit Sochi Casino on special terms. Open a new gaming holiday line and become our partner!

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