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Loyalty programmeof Gambling zone «Krasnaya Polyana»

Visit any of Krasnaya Polyana’s gaming establishments: Sochi Casino, Boomerang Casino or Bonus Slots.
Show your passport or other documents required for your stay in Russia at the registration desk.
Fill in the application form and receive a guest card.
Accumulate points for table and slot-machine games
How do you get points?

Play at the tables or slot-machines at any establishment of Krasnaya Polyana gaming zone and fulfill your personal account with points. Points topped up to the account depending on the game bet amount. 

Use the points as a universal currency in the gaming zone establishments.

Special offers

Discount in restaurants Buffett, Brunello, bar Royal, bar Boomerang (When calculating with points in restaurants, the discount according to the status is not applied. When paying in rubles — valid).

  • Guest- no
  • Silver — 5%
  • Gold — 10%
  • Diamond / Premier — 30%

Special offer for accommodation in the apart-hotel «Bonus» (cumulative with current rates and offers except Diamond / Premier).

  • Guest — 2%
  • Silver — 5%
  • Gold — 7%
  • Diamond / Premier — 30%

Discounts do not apply to additional services, including room service.

An additional discount is added to the current rates and special offers upon presentation of a card at the check-in desk with an ID number only in person or by phone with personal data.

Type of points

2. Loyalty points are the internal currency of the gaming zone. You can spend loyalty points for the game, at the restaurant and to purchase draw and promotion tickets. Use them in your discretion.

How to accumulate 1 loyalty point?

  Guest Silver Gold
Slot 1 000 ₽ 650 ₽ 500 ₽
AR 2 000 ₽ 1 250 ₽ 1 000 ₽
Poker 3 300 ₽  2 500 ₽ 1 700 ₽
Black Jack / Baccarat 5 000 ₽ 3 300 ₽ 2 500 ₽

The higher your guest card status, the faster loyalty points are accumulated.

3. Travel points name speaks for itself! You can spend it for transfer, flight tickets or hotel.

How to use points
  Guest Silver Gold Diamond / Premier
Translation of loyalty points for playing on slots + + +  
Playing with non-cashable chips on the tables in exchange for loyalty points (exchange for these chips is possible from 100 USD with a multiplicity of 25 USD, available only at Casino Sochi) - - +  
Complimentary park pass (no more than one per hand) + + +  
Exchanging loyalty points for park passes + + +  
Possibility to earn Traveler Points - + +  
Loyalty / Traveler Point Transfer - + + Individual service and maximum privilege
Hotel for Loyalty Points / Traveler Points - + +  
Air and railway tickets for loyalty points / traveler points - + +  
Exchange Loyalty Points for Invitations to Special Events + + +  
Exchange Loyalty Points for Play Jazz, Gold Rush, Drive More tickets + + +  
Bonus Special Offer + + +  
Exchange tickets with points

A new pleasant policy in the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone: now loyalty points can be exchanged for tickets for the «Playing Jazz», «Gold Rush», «More Drive» draws.

The offer is valid for holders of «Guest», «Silver», «Gold» status cards.

One ticket exchange:

  • Play Jazz — 100 points
  • Gold Rush — 200 points
  • More Drive — 500 points

Ticket exchange is available on the day of the draw at the loyalty club counter.

Loyalty Club rules