Loyalty programme

Each guest of Krasnaya Polyana gambling establishments receives a single guest card and joins the loyalty programme. Only persons over 18 years of age may take part in the programme. Only persons over 18 years old can become participants in the program.
Visit any of Krasnaya Polyana’s gambling establishments: Sochi Casino, Boomerang Casino or Bonus Slots.
Show your passport or other documents required for your stay in Russia at the registration desk.
Fill in the application form and receive a guest card.
Accumulate points for table and slot-machine games
How do you get points?

Play at the tables or slot-machines at any establishment of Krasnaya Polyana gaming zone and fulfill your personal account with points. Points topped up to the account depending on the game bet amount. 

Use the points as a universal currency in the gaming zone establishments.

Type of points

1. Status Points are the history of your game. It’s amount reflects the current status of the guest card. Upon accumulation of status points the card level rises and opens a new opportunities and privileges to its owner.

*0 — 299 999 *300 000 — 4 999 999 *5 000 000 — ∞

Individual service and maximum privileges.

* Ask your personal assistant for details

2. Loyalty points are the internal currency of the gaming zone. You can spend loyalty points for the game, at the restaurant and to purchase draw and promotion tickets. Use them in your discretion.

How to accumulate 1 loyalty point?

  Guest Silver Gold
Slot 1 000 ₽ 650 ₽ 500 ₽
AR 2 000 ₽ 1 250 ₽ 1 000 ₽
Poker 3 300 ₽  2 500 ₽ 1 700 ₽
Black Jack / Baccarat 5 000 ₽ 3 300 ₽ 2 500 ₽

The higher your guest card status, the faster loyalty points are accumulated.

3. Travel points name speaks for itself! You can spend it for transfer, flight tickets or hotel.

How to use points
Guest Silver Gold Diamond / Premier
Convert your loyalty points to play at slot-machines + + + Individual service and maximum privileges
Game settlement in uncashable chips at the tables (chips exchange rate multiplied by 100 c.u.) - + +
Complimentary park-pass (one per guest) - - +
Use your loyalty points to buy tickets for prize draws + + +
Accumulate traveller points - + +
Pay for a transfer with loyalty points / traveller points - + +
Use your loyalty points / traveller points to pay for a hotel - + +
Get a refund on flight and rail tickets using your loyalty points / traveller points - + +
Get a discount at the gaming zone restaurants + + +
Pay your bill with your loyalty points at the gaming zone restaurants - 5% 10%
Special offers
Guest Silver Gold Diamond / Premier
Discount at Buffet, Brunello restaurants, Royal bar and Boomerang bar (also valid if you pay with loyalty points) - 5% 10% Individual service and maximum privileges
Discount at The Bazar and Big Foot restaurants + + +
Special offer for Bonus hotel stay + + +
Loyalty Club rules