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Casino Sochi terms of entry

(to be read by all the casino guests)

These Terms are made in accordance with the civil code and Federal Law No. 244-FZ dated 29.12.2006 «On State Regulation of Gaming Activity and on Amendments to Certain Statutes of the Russian Federation»; Federal Law No. 115 dated 07.08.2001 (as revised 27.07.2006) «On Countering the Legalization (Laundering) of Criminally Obtained Incomes and the Financing of Terrorism»; Federal Law No. 54-FZ dated 22.05.2003 «On the use of Cash Register Equipment in the Implementation of Cash Settlements in the Russian Federation (as amended by Federal Law No. 313-FZ dated 01.10.2020); and the Tax Code of the Russian Federation and shall be observed throughout the Casino.

Visiting regulations of properties during COVID-19 epidemic
1. General Provisions
2. Casino Dress Code
3. Restricted Access
4. Rights of the Casino Guests
5. Obligations of the Casino Guests
6. The Guests are not allowed to:
7. Prohibited items:
8. Responsibility of the Casino Guests
9. Rights and Obligations of the Casino staff
10. Notice