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The Hatters
7 December, 21:00

The Hatters

Casino Sochi
The Hatters

You will remember The Hatters’ concert for a looong time to come. The famous Hatters are out of this world! Top energy, top fun and absolutely heartwarming. Just come to Casino Sochi on 7 December to see with your own eyes.    The Hatters’ music is like a performance of The Litsedei with a Russian Romani tinge. On a fine December evening, the band will make the audience feel all warm and cozy with their music and incredible charm. Get ready for an over-the-top adrenaline rush and a super-mega-cool vibe!   The band from St. Petersburg first came into the spotlight in February 2016, when their song “Russian Style” appeared on the Internet. The Hatters immediately became a very fashionable project. Just a year later, they won the gold disc in the Break-In category of the Chart’s Dozen award. Their concerts fill huge halls, their songs are played by top radio stations and their videos garner millions of views.    We could talk about The Hatters phenomenon for a long time but it’s so much better to come and enjoy their music and charisma. Experience the band’s unique alco-hardcore style in action on 7 December on the stage at Casino Sochi!    The show starts at 21:00. Admission free.    Bring your Krasnaya Polyana Gaming Zone guest card or your passport (no photocopies) to register. You must be 18 or over to attend.

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Estosadok, Krasnaya Polyana Gambling Zone

Estosadok village, Estonskaya str., 51

We are 45 km from Sochi International Airport, a drive of 30–40 minutes. Take the E97 motorway towards Krasnaya Polyana and the Krasnaya Polyana resort. Follow the route for 42 km to the resort of Krasnaya Polyana. You may leave your car on the open unguarded parking lot. Parking fees for guests are charged at the rates of the Krasnaya Polyana resort.