51 Estonskaya Ul., Esto-Sadok village
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Velvet hall

One of the most technically equipped banquet venues in Sochi
Velvet hall at Casino Sochi

First, In the Game Theatre is a thoroughly conceptual venue with a chamber hall. The stage is very close to where the orchestra sits, bringing actors and audiences into direct contact and conveying the finest details of the acting, feelings and emotions. Second, the productions are highly selective. The theatre’s guests are treated exclusively to shows by famous directors. 

See for yourself: the theatre has already hosted Russia’s Merited Artists Rostislav Khait, Leonid Barats, Kamil Larin, Alexander Demidov («Quartet I»), Sergey Chonishvili (SAMi association of actors and musicians), Vladimir Sterzhakov (Contemporary Combination Company), Elena Ksenofontova, Sergey Kolesnikov and others. In the Game has presented over 15 shows. 

Third, the organizers seat audiences in a very interesting way: you can buy seats at a table with sparkling wine and handmade confectionary. The theatre’s lobby features a street-art-style tableau vivant installation. This is what 18+ means in the theatre located on the second floor of Casino Sochi. Sounds like an ideal cultural outing during your planned vacation or a spur-of-the-moment weekend in the mountains. 

The Krasnaya Polyana Gaming Zone received Russia’s Best Social Projects award in the Culture and Arts category. The award ceremony was held on 24 June 2021 in Moscow. This is one of the biggest social responsibility events in Russia for major companies, public organizations and authorities. The expert board gave the Krasnaya Polyana Gaming Zone high marks for its contribution to cultural development. The opening of the first fully-fledged theatre in the mountain cluster was a high point event for Sochi. The city’s events guide now includes shows staged by talented directors and featuring film and theatre stars. 

The In the Game conceptual theatre in the Krasnaya Polyana Gaming Zone was inaugurated on 9 April 2021. It presents mostly short plays: solo shows, «Evening With…» events, fashionable combination company performances and much more. The hall seats 500. The theatre also includes a media studio, green rooms, welcome areas and a classical theatre café.

In the Game Theatre offers shows once a month. To get the best seats, it is better to buy tickets in advance. 

Area 660 m²
Capacity 200 people
Year-round operation

In the Game Theatre is located on the second floor of Casino Sochi: 18+, when you first visit, bring your passport (no photocopies) to have your Krasnaya Polyana Gaming Zone card registered.