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Russian Poker

Russian poker is one of the varieties of poker that has a very large audience of its fans.

Features of Russian poker

The goal of the game is to get a combination of cards higher than the dealer's. All players play against the casino, that is, everyone has a chance to win.

  • The game involves a deck of 52 cards.
  • The highest card in each of the four suits is an ace, the lowest is a deuce.
  • In the “Straight” combination, the ace can act as both the highest and the lowest card.
  • On each gaming table, the casino sets the minimum and maximum Ante bets, as well as the maximum payout of the table.
  • Four boxes can participate in the game.

The game "in the light"

Depending on the minimum/maximum of the table, you can play fair on one or two boxes. You need to look through the cards and make decisions on the boxes one by one, during the distribution. Always remember that you can’t go back to boxing and change your mind – the rules don’t allow you to do that.

Game "in the dark"

To do this, you need to confirm the game with Ante and Bet bets before the cards are dealt. Why is the game "in the dark" so attractive? You can take additional actions:

  • Put on a bonus;
  • Buy the 6th card;
  • Make insurance.

All of these bets must be placed before the hand begins. At the same time, on tables with a minimum bet of 10 c.u. e. Bets on light and dark boxes must be equal.

If you want to play on several boxes at once, then they must be located next to each other, that is, one after the other.

To participate in the game, you must place a bet on the Ante field. After the dealer's words "No more bets" and the gesture to close the bets with your hand, you cannot touch or change your bets. The dealer deals five cards face down to each box and five cards to himself. And reveals his first (lower) card.

You need to look at your cards and make one of the following decisions:

  • Play. So you put your cards on Bet and place a bet on them equal to two Ante.
  • Don't play. Discard your cards. In this case, you lose the original Ante bet.
  • Change from 2 to 5 cards or buy one card in addition. In this case, you need to pay a bet equal to Ante.

The dealer exchanges and purchases cards in the order in which they are dealt. After you have received new cards, you can again decide whether to continue the game (to do this, you need to make a bet on the Bet field twice as large as the Ante bet) or refuse to play, discarding the original Ante bet.

Game Insurance

If the player has a combination of “Three of the same type” and higher in his hands, he can, at his own request, insure it against “No game” with the dealer before the dealer’s cards are opened. To do this, you need to place a bet in the amount of up to 50% of the payout for the combination (within the maximum payout of the table). The minimum insurance bet is equal to the amount of Ante.

The total payout per box (combination + insurance) cannot exceed the maximum payout of the table.

  • If the dealer has “No game”, then the bet on insurance wins and is paid in the ratio 1:1.
  • If the dealer has any of the poker combinations, the insurance bet loses. An exception is the situation when the dealer's combination is older than the combination on the box. In this case, the insurance does not lose, ¬¬t. e. not picked up and not paid.

After all players have made their final decision, the dealer reveals his cards. There is a comparison of poker combinations in turn. Combinations higher than the dealer's win.

What is the difference between Russian Poker and Open Russian Poker?

When playing Russian poker, you will not see the cards of other players and will not be able to exchange information about your cards with them. In Open Russian Poker, the opposite is true: information exchange is allowed. What else is the difference? In the payout for the combination "Two Pairs". In Open Russian Poker, the payout is made at a ratio of 1:1, and in Russian Poker, a similar payout is paid above 2:1.

In both Russian and open Russian poker, you can collect two combinations on one box.

Conditions for two combinations:

  • The second combination must include at least one card that is not included in the main combination.
  • On five cards, the second combination can only be Ace + King.
  • You get an additional payment for the second combination only if the main combination is greater than the dealer's combination.
  • The total payout for combinations and insurance cannot exceed the maximum payout of the table.

Pay table

CombinationPayout ratio for wet

If the player's combination is greater than the dealer's combination, then the dealer pays only the BET bet in accordance with the payout table, in this case the ANTE bet is not paid.

In the case of "No game" at the dealer, the player can choose to receive ANTE or "buy the game" to the dealer, i.e. exchange the dealer's highest card for the next card from the deck for one ANTE. Moreover, if the next card from the deck is identical to the one being replaced (and the dealer again has “No game”), then the dealer re-exchanges the highest card without additional payment, but only once.

If, after buying the game, the dealer has any combination, then he turns over the cards of the players who participated in the purchase of the game and compares the combination of each of the boxes with his own combination (according to the rules of Russian poker).

If after buying the game from the dealer again “No game”, then the ANTE and BET bets are not paid and are not collected.

The bet on insurance does not exclude the possibility of buying the game from the dealer.

If the dealer and the player have the same combinations, the winner is determined by the highest card; in the absence of such, a “draw” or Stay situation arises: the player’s bet does not lose and does not win.

Minimal game "Ace-King".

The uniqueness of Russian poker lies in the fact that a player can simultaneously form two poker combinations and both of them can be paid in accordance with the payout ratios. For this, two conditions must be met:

  • One of the two combinations must be higher than the dealer's;
  • The second hand must include at least one card not included in the first hand.

Bonus game

Before the start of the distribution, the player can, in addition to the usual ANTE bet, make an additional bet on the bonus. In this case, if the player from the distribution has a combination of “Three of the same type” and higher, he is paid a bonus in accordance with the payout table, regardless of whether the dealer has a game. The bonus is paid before the start of both the exchange and the purchase of cards by players.

The bonus bet must not exceed the ANTE bet.


*Up to the maximum payout amount

Bonus payout is not included in the table's maximum payout.

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