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American roulette

In American roulette, the gaming table features a wheel with numbers from 0 to 36 and a field marked out to list all possible bet combinations. Roulette is played with two types of chips:

  • cash chips;
  • colour chips for use at a specific table only.

Players choose the value of the colour chips themselves before the start of a game in compliance with the table’s min/max bets. Only chips that have been used at that particular table may be used. At the end of the game, players exchange their colour chips with the dealer for cash chips, which can then be used to continue the game at any other table or exchanged at the cashier’s desk. Colour chips that have been taken from the casino without being exchanged are later valued at the minimum value for the given table.

All bets are accepted until the dealer announces “no more bets.” Dealers may declare any late bets invalid. The dealer collects all losing bets from the field and pays out winning bets in a specific order. When a zero comes up, all column bets, dozen bets, and even odds bets lose. Bets on zero are paid out in the same way as bets on any other number.

Players can place verbal bets before and during the spin until the dealer announces “no more bets.” A verbal bet is considered accepted if the dealer verbally repeats the bet. The player bears sole responsibility for the accuracy of the bets made.

A game is valid when the ball makes at least three turns in the wheel.

If the ball makes fewer than three turns, flies out of the wheel or spins in the same direction as the wheel, the dealer announces “no spin,” and bets neither win nor lose. The game is played again.

Bets are considered playing bets only if chips are present on the table and they are placed clearly in the positions. Bets outside the marked positions are not accepted and the dealer collects them from the field.

There is a minimum and a maximum for every type of bet. That means that the bet for every position should comply with the table’s min/max

H18 NUMBERS"EVEN ODDS: EVEN – ODD RED – BLACK LOW/1-18 – HIGH/19-36 / 1-18 - GREAT / 19-361:1

At Casino Sochi, players can place so-called verbal bets: “neighbours of zero” bets and section bets (voisins du zero, tier, orphelins, and zero spiel). These bets are placed on the track.

THE TRACK – is an additional betting field where numbers are located in the same order as the numbers on the roulette wheel.

Players also have the option of placing bets on “NS” (number splits) and making “Complete” bets (a number’s maximum bet).

  1. VOISIN – voisin is a bet on five numbers: a number of your choice plus the two numbers to each side of it on the roulette wheel.

  2. SECTION – this bet lets the player use the minimum number of chips to cover all numbers in one of the four sections of the wheel on certain positions:

VOISINS DU ZERO (BIG SERIES) 17 numbers from 22 to 25 on the roulette wheel, 9 chips.

Positions on the field:

STREET 0-2-3 — 2 chips.

CORNER 25–29 — 2 chips.

SPLITS 4–7; 12–15; 18–21; 19–22; 32–35 — 1 chip.

TIER (SMALL SERIES) 12 numbers from 27 to 33 on the roulette wheel, 6 chips.

Positions on the field:

SPLITS 5–8; 10–11; 13–16; 23–24; 27–30; 33–36 — 1 chip.


8 numbers from 17 to 6 and from 1 to 9 on the roulette wheel, 5 chips.

Positions on the field:

STRAIGHT-UP 1 — 1 chip.

SPLITS 6–9; 14–17; 17–20; 31–34 — 1 chip.

ZERO SPIEL 7 numbers from 12 to 15 on the roulette wheel, 4 chips.

Positions on the field:

STRAIGHT-UP 26 — 1 chip.

SPLITS 0–3; 12–15; 32–35 — 1 chip.

Track bets are collected in cash chips only.

NS (number splits) is a bet, in which the player does not need to split a high-value chip to cover his/her selected number.

**COMPLETE BET ** – it covers a selected number at the table’s maximum, in which the player does not need to cover each individual number with the maximum possible chips for the position.

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Estosadok village, Estonskaya str., 51

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