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1 June 2023 - 1 June 2023

Back to childhood! A 1990s children’s games tournament for adults

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Wow! For the first time ever, Casino Sochi is throwing a «Back to Childhood» super-nostalgic party.

On 1 June, we invite our guests to a unique event, a 1990s children’s games tournament for adults.

And why not, indeed? Who said that childhood is gone forever? At least once a year, you can return to your happy past! Bring your friends to recall the best moments of your youth and childhood. 

1990s children’s games tournament

Casino Sochi’s main hall will set up a space where any guest can game-away playing Dendy, Tank 1990, Super Mario, Tetris and Mortal Kombat. The Children’s Game Tournament will be held from 17:00 to 22:00. Admission is free. Game on and win adult prizes! 

Special guests: Vladimir Markin and the Trudnoe Detstvo band. 

Are you ready to return to your youth or even childhood? Then recall the lyrics of hits such as «I am Ready to Kiss the Sand», «Purple Mist», «In Apartment Building No. 8», «Bells», The Princess Who Never Smiles», «Ship Deck», «White Mayday Tree», «Queen» and «Olga». 

The soulful concert will be held on Casino Sochi’s main stage at 20:00. Admission is free!  

Come out to play! We are at Casino Sochi.

P. S. Don’t worry about getting thirsty and having to go home, we have a FREE BAR!

Vladimir Markin and the Difficult Childhood group
Vladimir Markin and the Difficult Childhood group

Did you sing this hit as a child? «I’m ready to kiss the sand you walked on.» Let’s do it again at a live concert at Casino Sochi!

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