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25 September 2022 - 25 September 2022


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Eldzhey and Feduk are to perform at RED ARENA. How cool is that! The young hit-makers continuously top the charts on all digital platforms. And now they will power-level the stage at RED ARENA.

No need to remind you what their jointly-written song «Rosé» did to the Internet. They have not lost their fervour since then. Quite the opposite: each of them has filled their musical arsenal with sure-fire bangers. «Flakes Are Flying Up», «Sailor», «Minimal», «Cadillac»… The list goes on and on, but it’s far better to burst into Red Arena and cut loose to the live performance of these songs.

Get your friends together and see you on the dance floor!

TOP DOG FC 16. Pogodin vs Ados
TOP DOG FC 16. Pogodin vs Ados

Have you watched TOP DOG tournaments on YouTube? Have you seen these crazy, brutal knockouts in the public highlights? Yes Yes! This is exactly it! Only now live and exclusively in RED ARENA.

Formula Weekenda
Formula Weekenda

The legendary, scarlet and swift iron horse of Michael Schumacher will go to the winner. No comment, ladies and gentlemen. Although, no. There is a small addition — 3,000,000 will be played among the rest of the participants.

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