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12 June 2021

Garik Sukachev

The event ended
Charming, daring Garik Sukachev at WOW ARENA!

On 12 June at 20:00, Russian rock legend Garik Sukachev will perform at WOW ARENA.

This concert is part of the musician’s epic GO! tour celebrating his 60th anniversary. Note the exclamation mark — this is the kind of attitude that has permeated Garik Sukachev’s entire life and everything he has created!

Sukachev’s concerts are outstanding shows best described by just two words: energy overflow. An intensely emotional tracklist makes room for everything from lyrical songs, such as «Give me water to drink», to a granny who’s been «smoking a pipe» for decades. The lighting and sound will meld into a seamless whole. Then there is, of course, Garik Sukachev himself, musician, actor, and director — performer who is a household name in Russia.

This is a must-see and must-hear concert. Come and get an energy boost from this cult singer!

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