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Poker Club Sochi
19 May 2023 - 28 May 2023

Phoenix Poker Tour

The event ended

The main feature of the new Phoenix Poker Tour series is that all main events will be held in the Double Life format (free second life) with re-entry, which will give each participant a chance in each buy-in, like a mythical phoenix bird, to rise from their ashes after losing the first stack and compete for the victory without rebuy.

To draw an analogy with tennis, just like a tennis server has two attempts to enter the game, so in the new format, each player has two attempts to get into a key part of the tournament, which, as everyone knows, begins after the end of the level registration, where the game is already taking off.

Tournaments will be held in the Double Life format:

  • Phoenix Cup
  • HighRoller
  • Super High Roller
  • Main event

The specifics of the Double Life format

Tournament in re-entry format, but Double Life.

When you sit at the table, you get a full starting stack, and if you lose it before the end of late registration, you get the same one for free, and if you only lose the second, then you will have to re-enter to continue the game. If the first stack is in the game and the registration is closed, then you continue the game with the first stack.

Additional Phoenix Prize Pool

In addition to these technical tournament details, there is a surprise for players in the form of an opportunity to win an additional prize pool. For each victory in any tournament of the series, instead of the standard cup, the winner receives a bracelet and a «charm».

If you have collected more than four charms in a year, you will automatically receive a part of the prize fund from the organizers!

  • 8 «charms» — 5,000,000 rubles.
  • 7 «charms» — 3,000,000 rubles.
  • 6 «charms» — 2,000,000 rubles.
  • 5 «charms» — 1,000,000 rubles.
  • 4 «charms» — 500,000 rubles.

If several players collect the same number of «charms», then the prize is divided equally between them.

We wish you good luck in your hunt for charm bracelets.


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About the place
The Sochi Poker Club is organised in accordance with international standards. The club is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is located on the 2nd floor of the Sochi Casino. The game is played on 10 tables, each equipped with shufflers. The main games are Texas NL and Omaha PL.
51 Estonskaya Ul., Estosadok village.
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