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8 May 2021

Oleg Gazmanov launches his anniversary tour

The event ended

Oleg Gazmanov, People’s Performer of Russia, needs no introduction.

Singer, poet and composer, he has brought several generations together through his art and will perform here on 8 May. True to his lyrics, he will give us back the fair days!

His lyrics quickly become proverbial, his music is catchy, and no one who experiences the energy and atmosphere of his concerts is left unmoved. «The Squadron, ” «Yesaul» («The Cossack Captain»), «The Only One», «Mother» — the list of his songs that have truly entered the public’s imagination goes on and on.

This year, he is celebrating his 70th birthday! He will present a programme created specifically for this momentous date.

This is an event you must not miss. We are waiting for you for the celebration at WOW ARENA!

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