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Velvet hall
21 May, 19:30

Most wanted man with Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova will perform on the stage of the theater «In the Game»

The sparkling comedy «The Man in Hot Demand» with the participation of star actors will be held on May 21. Olga Buzova, Anton Lirnik, Sergey Pisarenko and Yevgeny Nikishin play in the play.

Oh, what passions will be on stage! Let’s talk in order. The main role is played by secular diva Olga Buzova. According to the plot, she is in search of the man of her dreams. It sounds really great, too. But the heroine Polina has a clear criterion: the future husband must be rich. Ideally, an oligarch. Although the girl also agrees to meet with the modest owner of the bank. And the candidate is!

The happy beauty is urgently going on a honeymoon trip, but very soon one «nuance» becomes clear. It turns out that the chosen one already has a wife — the love of his life, from which he is not going to leave. How does the emotional Polina react? Of course, he urgently develops a plan of revenge.

Tune in to the fact that for more than two hours you will laugh heartily. Director Alexander Gorban created a story exclusively for good and positive emotions. The most popular comment and review about the production: «This comedy is a whirlwind!».

In addition to the performer of the role of Polina — Olga Buzova, Anton Lirnik is involved in the performance. The Comedy Club resident made his debut as an actor. Sergey Pisarenko and Evgeny Nikishin are also well known to you — KVN participants have long acted as a talented acting duo.

You will definitely remember this performance! Hurry up to buy a ticket before Olga Buzova’s «own people» come up.

The price of tickets in the VIP box and in the stalls includes a compliment: a bottle of sparkling wine and handmade chocolates for 2 persons.

The theater is located on the second floor of the Sochi Casino. To enter the event, you must present the original passport.

When visiting the theater, it is necessary to go through the registration procedure, within which personal data is collected. An original passport is required.


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51 Estonskaya Ul., Esto-Sadok village.