51 Estonskaya Ul., Esto-Sadok village
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25 September 2021 - 25 September 2021


The event ended

On 25 September, WOW ARENA is presenting a concert by the true superstar LOBODA, who plays by her own rules and sets new trends in the show biz world. The secret of her success and incredible popularity is simple: she gives herself wholly to her art, is acutely attuned to the demands of the time and, of course, does not shy away from experimenting!

The singer’s repertoire includes such different songs that they are hard to fit into a single genre: there is the tender, touching «Milk», the incredibly poignant «Dearest»; there is «Hello» to dance to and then there is «SuperStar», which topped all the charts — a true record.

LOBODA’s show is a real musical journey through styles and trends ranging from lyrical ballads to hip-hop. Mind-blowing choreography and megawatts of high-quality sound, unusual lighting and unexpected visuals, and, most importantly, hits literally everyone knows.

Ready to sing along to your favourite songs? Then see you at WOW ARENA!

About the place
A place bearing the prefix WOW. A unique area for holding the most diverse events, from modern art exhibitions to sports competitions and large-scale pop concerts.
Esto-Sadok vil., st. Estonskaya, 51
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9:00-23:00 (on event days)