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Velvet hall
13 June 2021

Gogol’s The Gamblers

The event ended
A famous version of Gogol’s The Gamblers to grace the Sochi stage for the first time!

On 13 June, In the Game theatre presents Nikolay Gogol’s The Gamblers for the first time.

The incredible story of a single card game that changes the principal character’s life forever. The brilliant plot created by a classic of Russian literature centres on a masterful con game. This story outdoes any Hollywood film.

Gogol wrote the first drafts of The Gamblers in 1836 but put them away. It was six years later, in 1842, before he went back to them, brushed them up and published them.

Even the most hard-to-please people are drawn into this true-to-life and ever relevant story. The comedy, just like a card game, keeps its audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. In his trademark satirical manner, Gogol reveals the depths of moral depravity with such virtuosity that we can but live through the story together with the characters on the stage.

Ready to immerse yourself In the Game? Hurry and buy your ticket!

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51 Estonskaya Ul., Esto-Sadok village.