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1 July, 19:30

Diana Arbenina and Night Snipers

Dear viewer!

Due to the fact that immediately after the end of the concert, the entire team of the Night Snipers group will have to fly to another city, and the flight was postponed to an earlier time, the concert will begin 30 minutes earlier, without delay at 19:30!

To avoid crowds at the entrance, please arrive early! We remind you that the doors open at 18:00.

Her energy energizes hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Her songs breathe air, fill the lungs with musical oxygen.

«Oxygen» is the name of the new concert program of Diana Arbenina and «Night Snipers», with which the band will perform on July 1, 2022 at the Red Arena in Sochi. It is based on the album «O2», recorded and released by the Snipers during the period of self-isolation.

The songs «Casino», «Slow Love», «Airplane Mode» quickly became popular hits, the listeners are already familiar with «Experiment», and «Rome», and «The Most Beautiful Gopnik» and, of course, the ballad «A Second Ago».

In addition to new products, of course, favorite sniper songs from different years will be performed on the stage and, perhaps, there will be premieres!

See you on July 1 in Sochi at the Red Arena, hear Diana Arbenina, breathe in «Oxygen»!

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