51 Estonskaya Ul., Esto-Sadok village
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Velvet hall
9 April 2021

Sergei Belogolovtsev at the In-Game Theatre

The event ended

Welcome to the opening of the new In-Game Theatre!

On 9 April, the In-Game Theatre opens its first season with an exclusive production by Sergei Belogolovtsev and Nikolai Dobkin. Sergei Belogolovtsev is a theatre and film actor, director, showman and participant in such famous projects as OSP Studio, 33 Square Metres, The Wedding General and others.

Nikolai Dobkin is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser and member of the popular band Reflections Duo.

The evening’s programme is based on poems by Sergei Belogolovtsev, Andrei Voznesensky, Alexander Galich, Mikhail Ancharov and others, and songs by Nikolai Dobkin to poems by Sergei Belogolovtsev and Sergei Plotov.

There will also be many parodies of musicians from various times, funny stories from life, films and TV shows, and amusing tales. And all this accompanied by musical improvisations by Nikolai Dobkin.

The theatre is on the 2nd floor of Casino Sochi. Don’t miss this evening!

About the place
51 Estonskaya Ul., Esto-Sadok village.